Ball Valves: Everything You Need To Know

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September 24, 2022
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Ball Valves: Everything You Need To Know

Ball Valves: Everything You Need To Know

Ball valves are a type of valve that is closed by turning a handle or pulling on a lever. This article will discuss the different types of ball valves, their purposes, and what you need to know about them before installing them in your home or business building.

What Are Ball Valves?

A ball valve is a device used to control the flow of fluids (liquid or gas) through a pipe. It consists of a ball with a hole in the center connected to a handle. The ball is usually made of metal or plastic, and the hole is generally lined with rubber or Teflon. When the handle is turned to the “open” position, the ball’s hole aligns with the fluid’s flow and allows it to pass through. When the handle is turned to the “closed” position, the hole in the ball is blocked off, and no fluid can pass through. Ball valves are often used when a shut-off valve is required, such as in plumbing and industrial settings.

Different Types of Ball Valves :

2 Way Ball Valve

A 2-way ball valve has two ports, allowing two different flow paths. This type of valve is used to control the direction of flow in a piping system. Fluid can flow through both ports when the ball is in the “open” position. When the ball is in the “closed” position, fluid can only flow through one port. The 2-way ball valve is versatile and can be used in various applications.

High-Pressure Ball Valves

High-pressure ball valves are designed to withstand higher than normal pressures, making them ideal for use in hydraulic and pneumatic applications. These valves are available in various materials, including brass, stainless steel, and carbon steel, to ensure compatibility with your system. High-pressure ball valves can be operated manually or automatically, depending on your needs.

Diverter Ball Valves

A diverter ball valve is a type of ball valve used to direct fluid flow in a piping system. The diverter ball valve has a ball with a hole in the center that allows fluid to flow through it when the handle is in the open position. When the handle is closed, the hole in the center of the ball is blocked, and the fluid is redirected to another piping system. Diverter ball valves are often used in industrial applications where there is a need to control the flow of fluids.

3 Way Ball Valves

A 3-way ball valve has three ports and two shut-off positions. In the “normal” position, ports A and B are connected, and port C is open. When the handle is turned to position II, ports B open, and ports A and C are connected. Position III connects port C to A, and B is open. Three-way valves are used when more than one inlet or outlet is required or when the flow needs to be directed from one port to another. For example, a three-way valve could direct water from the inlet to either the left or right side of a sprinkler system. Three-way valves are also known as directional valves or Y-valves.


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