Most Frequent Hose Failures To Avoid

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Most Frequent Hose Failures To Avoid

Hoses are one of the most promising components available in industrial settings and any kind of hose failure will not just cost you money, but some of your precious time as well. There are some top reasons for your hoses to fail and the industrial personnel is well-aware of that. But, there are some other instances related to Instrumentation Pipe Fittings and more, which can sneak up on you. It is mostly a human error leading to hose failure. Some such examples are improper use, improper maintenance, or misapplications. 

Additionally, these failures can be a result of some natural causes like climatic or age conditions. Some of the common reasons are mentioned below for your reference over here.

Abrasion of the outer cover:

The outer cover of your Pipe Fittings has a higher chance of getting damaged because of tearing and corrosion or even by rubbing against an external object. 

  • Excessive rubbing will weaken the outer surface.
  • The surface can also get weakened when the hose lies on a sharp bracket or against other hoses.
  • For preventing this situation from taking place, you get to install protective hose guards or even re-route the hose assembly.
  • You can further use the clamps for avoiding contact with any other object.

 Abrasion of the outer cover

Erosion of the inner tube:

Well, erosion of the inner tube is caused by concentrated fluids, mainly contaminated media. The contaminated media is then transferred through the hose and it rubs against the inner part of the tubing. So, that will result in the tube eroding from time to time and then weakening inner walls.

  • The rubbing will cause any leak to develop.
  • Bending the hose at a certain extreme angle or even using the wrong side of the tube for any fluid type will cause the inner walls to erode even further.
  • It is mandatory to get in touch with the Best Instrumentation Tube Fittings Manufacturer to choose the right hose, compatible with the fluid. 
  • Be sure that you have the right hose fittings and sizes by your side.

Failure near or towards the fitting area:

Bending the hose too close to the seal of the crimp will cause a weak point. Bend restrictions will prevent someone from bending the hose too close to the fitting. Improper kind of crimp dimensions will also cause some types of failures down the road.

  • In order to get a proper solution for such an issue, it is mandatory to lengthen the assembly.
  • Whenever it remains under pressure, the hose assembly will be shortened, which is why you should never ever try to stretch out the hose to get a fit done.

Try asking manufacturers for help:

In case you have a hose failure, then changing it immediately is the only solution left by your side. Apart from the points mentioned above, temperature stress will further erode the pipe, leading to complete failure if not taken care of on time. So, to avoid all these issues make sure to catch up with the right team from Dawsons-Tech for spare parts.

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