Custom Fittings and Valves: Benefits of Buying Custom Fittings

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November 28, 2018
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Custom Fittings and Valves: Benefits of Buying Custom Fittings

Striving to achieve ways to reduce the cost involved and to increase the effectiveness of various processes involved in the industry is on every manufacturer’s checklist. Over the years there have been many discoveries and technological advancements which have provided a boost to many manufacturing industries. One such boom which must be explored and employed by every industrial manufacturer is the “custom fittings and valves”. These fittings and valves are designed according to one’s specific requirement of the dimensions. These custom-made fittings and valves will fit better and in turn, their performance and function will also be much better than the standard fittings and valves.

The features of the fittings which can be customized according to the given specifications are,

1. Barbs

2. Threads

3. Size

4. Finish

Some of the benefits of buying custom fittings are mentioned below.

1. Safe

In many of the manufacturing industries, the workers function very close to the several fittings which carry hazardous chemical fluids. In such cases, the safety of the workers becomes very essential. By using the custom fittings and valves there will be no leakages, the reverse flow will be blocked and the blending of two harmful chemicals will also be avoided. This, in turn, makes these fittings and valves a safer option in a working environment.

2. Efficient

Every product manufacturing industry uses different materials and fluids which are transferred through the fittings and valves and due to this the fittings and valves will be subjected to varying levels of pressure and temperature. The custom-made fittings and valves will be designed in such a way that it can withstand the abrupt change in temperature as well as pressure, making it highly efficient when compared to the standard option.

3. Effective

When the fittings and valves are custom-made, their performance is much more effective as there will be no leakage and different kinds of fluids which are at different temperatures can pass through it without causing any corrosion or damage.

4. Less Expensive

These kinds of fittings and valves will generally come in a fewer number of pieces and they are much more cost effective when compared to the standard designs of fittings and valves.

5. Consumes Less Space

When one uses standard sized fittings and valves a large number of components are required for the fixtures and this occupies more space. Whereas this problem need not be faced when one opts for custom-made fittings and valves, as it will be designed in such a way that it occupies the least amount of space. The whole assembly can be designed and fabricated in such a way that the end product has the least number of components.

6. Less Contamination

If any foreign material enters the fittings and valves the performance of the whole system gets compromised and the end product will also not be of the expected quality. Since the potential leak points are eliminated by using the custom-made fittings and valves, there will be fewer chances of contamination.

7. Easy Assembly

The custom-made fittings and valves come as a single component and this eases the hassle involved in assembling the whole unit. This also reduces the time required to assemble the unit as there is only one single component which would be required to be assembled unlike a unit made with several standard fittings and valves.

The custom fittings and valves can be used effectively in many industries which process work linked to instrumentation, pneumatic and hydraulic applications as well as semiconductor applications.