Flare Fittings – Detail Features & Benefit

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January 3, 2019
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Flare Fittings – Detail Features & Benefit

The flare fittings are compact instruments. They also have a simple design, which makes it easy to assemble them. This makes sure that they offer you the highest performance and reliability. They are highly suitable for medium and low wall tubing. They offer good enough resistance to vibration. It also helps that they come in a wide range of sizes and types. You can use them in almost all applications where you use fluid power for automation and motion control.  

Some benefits of these products

You can easily use these products along with fractional and metric tubes.

The 37-degree flare fittings feature seat design that complies with the latest standards for such products. They feature usable hose connections. The companies that make them use the best materials.

The design of these products

These products have 3 precision components – body, nut, and sleeve. The companies that make these products observe the rules and regulations for such work in the strictest way possible. The companies use ISO 9001: 2015 quality control procedures for such work and they are rather rigid. They flare at the ends of these tubes at 37 degrees. They also place them between the sleeve with the nut and the fitting body nose or seat.       

This is the reason these flare fittings are so highly effective and free of any leaks. They provide you the one-process tubing with the full-flow connection that you are looking for in these cases. The companies that make these flared tube fittings normally use some standard materials. However, if you request them, they can use other materials.

The pressure rating of these products

These are zero leakage products. This means they offer you a full flow connection. They can work with various working pressures. This means that you can use them in various applications.

The quality of these tubes

The applicable standards for these products have some rules and regulations regarding their quality. If you are using seamless tubes made from stainless steel, anneal them completely. This will make sure that you can flare and bend the 37 degree flare fittings however you have to. The finished tubing should be of a reasonable length. It should not have any burrs and its ends should be smooth. Apart from burrs, such tubes should also not have any types of scratches and defects such as scales.

The instructions for assembling them 

When you are assembling these flare fittings, there are a few rules and regulations that you have to follow. You need to make sure first that you have cut the tube’s end square. You should not make a mistake of over 1 degree than the applicable figure. After that, you can do away with the sharp edges and burrs. You need to wipe the OD and ID of the tube ends the right way. After that, put in the nut and sleeve just as the manufacturer has asked you to do it.


It would always be better if you bought these products from the best companies.