5 things that make DAWSONS-TECH the best manufacturer of High-Pressure Ball Valves

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5 things that make DAWSONS-TECH the best manufacturer of High-Pressure Ball Valves

DAWSONS TECH is one of the top ball valves manufacturers in India  and not without reason. Its flagship product VB71 is a three-piece bi-directional flow valve that can offer a high-pressure rating. This figure can go up to 690 Bar or 10,000 PSIG (pounds per square inch gauge). They come with live-loaded PEEK Seats. This makes sure that you get a complete bubble tight shut off. These products offer you a consistent performance. They are also great at dealing with changes in temperature and pressure and wear and tear. In the hydraulic and process control industries, these ball valves are the most in-demand product.

Some more features and benefits of these products

These high-pressure ball valves  are available in SS316 material. You can trace the material to a certified material test report. They come with a three-piece body design. They offer you bi-directional flow and low torque operation. These products have a floating ball design. They also have the quarter-turn positive stop handles. Most important of all, DAWSONS TECH pressure tests all these valves. It is because of such strict adherence to quality that customers consider it to be one of the best ball valves manufacturers in India.

Some features of these products

These products have anti-blow-out one-piece stems. They also have a peek thrust bearing system. DAWSONS TECH places these bearings between the body shoulder and the stem. This way it makes sure that the actuation is low on torque and high on smoothness.

With features such as these, these high-pressure ball valves give you your complete money’s worth. The company has also super designed the floating balls in these valves. This makes sure that you can always rely on them to perform well. They also have a static seal between the end connector and the body. The organization uses stainless steel to make the quarter-turn positive stop handles of these products. They have full-grip PVC (polyvinyl chloride) sleeves. 

Usage in a wide variety of applications

One of the greatest things about these pressure ball valves is that you can use them in a diverse array of applications such as hydraulic, high-pressure instrument lines, gas, general plant service, and instrument air lines. This is one more reason that makes DAWSONS TECH one of the leading ball valves manufacturers in India.

The tests that DAWSONS TECH has done on them

It also helps that they have subjected these products to the likes of hydrostatic proof and burst tests under MSS SP-99-2016a Clause 5.5 & 5.6. This means that you can trust these products to be of a higher standard. There are two tests – standard and optional hydrostatic tests. In the standard test, it has pressure tested by using nitrogen. The pressure, in this case, is 69 Bar or 1000 PSIG. Through these tests, they have checked if the packing and the seat are leaking or not. In the optional hydrostatic test, they have used de-ionized water. The pressure, in that case, was 1.5 times the normal figure for work purposes.