5 Benefits of O Ring Face Seal Fittings – Dawsonstech

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5 Benefits of O Ring Face Seal Fittings – Dawsonstech

When it comes to connecting various hydraulic pipes, there is nothing as compared to the O-ring face seal fittings or (ORFS). It is a popular and most reliable choice because of its durability. Its elastomeric sealing characteristic makes it the best choice for a 100% leak-free connection.

Design and Manufacturing

The ORFS fittings are carefully designed and manufactured. These are meant to handle tough hydraulic conditions and withstand high pressure. The perfect design and proper fitting are always going to provide a leak-proof surface.

The design of this fitting is such that when the connection is tightened, this O-ring face seal compresses against the face sleeve that is brazed onto the end of the tube. This is what makes the sealing perfect. The metal-to-metal sealing eliminates the possibility of twisting by offering firm support during the installation.

Many Players in the Market

There are different manufacturers of this important O ring face seal fittings in the market. One of them is Dawsontech. It has been a leading name in the field and has been catering to this product with precision. Every aspect of designing and manufacturing is taken care of for zero complaints. 

Associated Benefits of Using ORFS

There are several benefits associated with the use of ORFS. These are as follows—

  • Capacity to withstand High Pressure

These ORFS fittings have proved their mettle in handling high hydraulic pressure. These are being used in places where hydraulic pressure of up to 6000 PSI is to be handled securely. All hail to the elastomeric sealing that offers an unmatched sealing to the entire assembly unit.

  • Easy to Assemble and Disassemble

Any fitting is said to be a worthy one if it facilitates easy assembling and disassembling. The best thing about these O ring face seal fittings is that these facilitate easy installation. With hassle-proof disassembling and reassembling, the entire unit can easily be replaced when required. The silver brazing supports connection and hence, once disassembled, a coat of silver brazing would render the surface as it is supposed to be. 

  • Multi Usage in Different Fields

Irrespective of whether it is any chemical plant, off-road construction, and agricultural equipment, wellheads in gas and oil sector, wind turbines, or auxiliary system in liquid fuel control- O ring face seal fittings find their usage. Companies like Dawsontech have done extremely well to provide equipment that not only provides a leak-proof surface but also monitor’s flow rate in several pneumatic industries. 

  • Operating Parameters

ORFS fittings can adapt to situations quite easily. That is, the product can be used in a wide range of places where factors affecting are diverse. Like as it can withstand a pressure of up to 6000 PSI, it can withstand a temperature of up to 210⁰C. This is what makes the entire fitting suitable to be used at a gas delivery system.

  • Zero Tolerance and Easy Maintenance

For the smooth functioning of any unit, it is necessary to ensure regular maintenance. Being easy to assemble and disassemble, these O ring face seal fittings ascertain easy maintenance. It also offers easy installation because of the zero-tolerance to fitting. The unit needs not to be flexed or cut during installation. 


There are several other advantages as well. The ORFS fittings have come in handy in the process and are successful in meeting the demand of various industries.