Pipe Fittings and Its Different Types, Applications & Advantages

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July 25, 2020
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Pipe Fittings and Its Different Types, Applications & Advantages

The world of plumbing is vast and makes use of a wide range of equipment and fittings. These are used for different functions and purposes. Pipe fittings play a crucial role in the industry as miles of pipes are laid with the help of this. In addition to this, the fittings are used to move the pipe from one direction to another, fit into different sizes to adjust the flow and whatnot. These threaded pipe fittings have become very crucial and integral part of the entire plumbing industry.

Over the years, there have been numerous different kinds of pipe fittings designed to solve specific requirements. Made out of materials like copper, steel, PVC, brass, etc. these pipe fittings, are available in the following different types —

  • Elbow Pipe Fittings

If the need of the hour is to change the direction of the pipe, then elbow pipe fittings are used. These are available in different angle measurements like 90⁰, 45⁰, 22.5⁰.

In addition to this, if the attachment pipe is of the same diameter then normal elbow threaded pipe fittings are used else reducer elbow is used. The usage ensures that the pipe reaches any place in the unit without any hassles. 

  • Reducer Pipe Fittings

Another type of fitting that plays a crucial role in several places is the reducer threaded pipe fittings. These are conical, concentric in shape, and are used to either reduce or increase the flow of liquid. Another type in this category is the parallel edged reducer that offers a smooth flow of the fluid without accumulating air inside it.

  • Tee Type Pipe Fittings

If the system demands to offer one outlet and two inlet or two outlets and one inlet, then these Tee type threaded pipe fittings are used. Its 90⁰ design ensures proper and smooth flow of the liquid. These form an integral part of the piping industry.

  • Cross-Type Pipe Fittings

Another interesting pipe fitting is the cross-type. With 4 openings in 4 different directions, it can connect 4 different pipes and ensure smooth distribution of fluid. Most popularly being used in the sprinkler system, this cross fitting generates stress on the pipe because of the change in temperature.

  • Coupling

If there is a leaking pipe or a broken one, the coupling can be used to address the issue. With the same diameter on both sides, couplings are available in two different types- slip and compression coupling. In industries and common places, these couplings are used to fix some of the lengthy damaged pipes.

  • Adaptor Pipe Fittings

Adaptor threaded pipe fittings are yet another important attachment required in the plumbing industry. It is used in case of pipes that do not have plain or special ends. Mostly used in PVC or copper pipes, the adaptors are available in different forms- male adaptor, female adaptor, male hose adaptor, tube to hose adaptor, AN male adaptor.

  • Plug & Cap

Though both are differently named yet do the same- close any piping system. However, the difference lies in the thread pattern. While in a plug, the threads are present on the outer surface, in cap threads are on the inner surface. Therefore, the choice of material should be done accordingly.


The availability of the different types of pipe fittings has made the job of piping and plumbing easy with little hassles regarding where to connect and how to connect to take the pipe from one place to another. The usage opens doors to several industries.