Popular Valve Types That Oil and Gas Engineers Should Know

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December 8, 2020
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Popular Valve Types That Oil and Gas Engineers Should Know

Valves are the most crucial part of any piping system used to control the pressure and the flow of liquid, oil, gas, and vapors. Here we have mentioned the best types of valves that are used widely in various industries.

ARC Valves

ARC stands for automatic recirculation valve and automatic recirculation control. These walls are completely multi-functional and hold the main aim of assuring the pre-determined minimum flow is going through the centrifugal pump at every time.

Usually, centrifugal pumps continuously suffer from overheating, and hence it is important to keep up with the minimum flow, or else the dry valves result in permanent damage.

Gate Valves

Gate valves are mainly manufactured to stop or start a flow of the liquid whenever a straight-line flow of fluid and minimum flow restriction is badly required. Usually, these walls are kept completely open or completely closed. Whenever we turn the valve open the disc of the gate gets completely removed and the fluid or the liquid will continue to pass. This property gives it a good shut off and also proves to be truly bi-directional. But these valves cannot be opened quickly or cannot be closed fastly and are truly sensitive to the vibration whenever they are open.

Ball Valves

The ball valve is the quarter-turn rotational motion valve. This uses a disc of a ball shape that helps to control the flow of the liquid or fluid. When these valves are open the small holes in the valve stay steady and in line with the body inlet that will allow the fluid or liquid to pass on. The ball valves are made up of different materials while the seeds are manufactured from a specific material known as Teflon. The ball valves can operate at a temperature as low as minus 200 degrees C and as high as 500 degrees C. These valves are primarily used for liquids, gases, and air while they are also quick to turn on and off. They also have a tight sealing with reduced torque. These valves have only one disadvantage that they do not have any throttling properties available.

High-pressure ball valves are the best example of ball valves.

Breather Valves

Breather Valves are also known as the vacuum relief valves and are a very specific type of valves widely used for tank protection. With these valves, we can easily build up excessive pressure as well as vacuum that can unbalance the system or can completely damage the storage vessel.

Usually, pressure and protection standard are controlled with the help of weighted pallets and can be easily mixed up to meet the needed settings.

Pressure Seal Valves

These types of valves are widely used for high-pressure service and usually used in the excess of 170 bar. It has a unique seal bonnet with which the joints seals of the body enhance the internal pressure. We can also use its other point which is the bolted bonnet to seal the valve.

There are also other different types of valves but these were among the most used valves in the industry that every oil and gas engineer should know.

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