5 Steps to Ensure a Good Fit For O Ring Face Seal Fittings

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December 6, 2020
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5 Steps to Ensure a Good Fit For O Ring Face Seal Fittings

If you have been worrying about your hydraulic systems then considering the system design is the most important factor full stop however the appropriate components should be selected to reduce the frequency of leakages and connection failures. Usually, O ring face seals fittings are considered as the best fittings and are sometimes the practical choice of the customers.

Let us understand in this blog the most important steps while ensuring a good fit for O ring face seal fittings.


It is rightly said that the environment helps us determine the fitting design and selection. However, the use of stainless steel for a protective coating on steel fittings expands the life service of the system in corrosive environments. Talking about the most common finish for steel fittings includes the electroplated zinc that avoids rusting open to the presence of oxygen moisture and acidic gases. Hence, stainless steel has been the topmost choice for all highly corrosive surroundings that include caustic chemical applications and offshore applications. Lastly while selecting the o-ring material area where the fittings will be applied.


Reliability is one such factor that needs to be thought of while deciding the o ring face seal fittings. The method of sealing surfaces in o ring face seal fittings helps reduce the risk of over torquing while offering enhanced reliability. This can be easily achieved by the elastomeric seal that gets captured on the mating surface.


For better maintenance of the system, the dynamic pressure rating of the fitting assembly is required to be equal or higher than that of the system pressure. Usually, O ring face seal fittings are prioritized at a 4:1 design ratio and this applies to two very normal operating situations that can easily stand with moderate hydraulic and mechanical shocks. However, for or severe shock operating and vibration conditions a d rating factor is considered strictly and it should get applied to the dynamic pressure of the fitting.


The working temperatures for or fittings and o ring seals are sold dependent on the material of the metal used along with the material of the seal and the plating of the seal. There are temperature ranges for different fittings and o ring seal materials that you should consider while selecting the best class O ring face seal sittings.


Look for the versatility factor off o ring face seal settings since they are the most outstanding fluid connectors. They work very exceptionally on both fluids as well as gases and are usually termed as zero clearance fittings. However, experts say that these fittings can be easily removed or inserted into the systems without adjusting the pipe or cutting it.

So, these were the five most important factors that need to be taken care of while selecting o ring face seal fittings. Also, it is highly recommended to take the advice of the experts before you select them. The professionals will understand your needs and will suggest you with the apt advice.