Types Of Ball Valves Its Benefits & Advice To Buy The Right One

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Types Of Ball Valves Its Benefits & Advice To Buy The Right One

Ball valves have been widely used in various industrial applications and are very popular owing to their affordability, durability, and strength properties.

Let us understand their types, benefits, and selection criteria of ball valves in this blog.

 Types Of Ball Valves

  •         V Port Ball Valve- It has either V shaped seat or a ball with which the orifice would be opened and closed in a controlled manner. This valve requires a sturdy construction owing to the greater velocities of the fluids that could ruin a standard valve. 
  •         Trunnion Ball Valve- With this valve, you can anchor the ball at the bottom and the top and often applied on larger as well as higher pressure valves.
  •         Standard Port Ball Valve- These are the ball valve types that are less expensive. But, it has a small ball and a smaller port.
  •         Manually Operated Ball Valve- This can be close very quickly which gives a rise to water hammer. Some of these ball valves have an actuator attached that is operated by a motor and usually used for on or off flow control.
  •         High-Pressure Ball Valves–  These ball valves are the most widely used valves that are specifically designed to control the fluid output pressure. High-pressure ball valves are also used to manage and control fluid in a completely open and close position.

 Benefits Of Ball Valves

 Let us understand the benefits of using ball valves.

  •         Affordability- Ball valves are available at a low cost as compared to other products.
  •         Efficiency- No need of lubrication and provides a bubble tight seal with low torque.
  •         Easy Usability- Ball valves can be easily installed and are also simple to use.
  •         Versatility- Ball valves are widely used in industrial applications where there is a work related to the flow of gases or liquids.

 How To Choose The Right Ball Valve?

 Before selecting a right ball valve, go through these pointers once and make the purchase.

  •         Understand the size and types-  Choosing the right valve type and size is very crucial since every valve would be dealing with various functions.
  •         The material used for construction- Go through the chemical compatibility needs because the material of the valve should work well with the liquids or gases that would be flowing through it.
  •         Understand Performance Requirements- You should always check the temperature and pressure needs before installing the valves. Usually, to withstand higher temperatures, metal valves are used than plastic valves.
  •         Check If They Suit Your Needs- Rectify if the valves are working as expected while analyzing the response time required to open the valve. For instance, few check valves may not work accurately if mounted vertically and not horizontally. However, flow direction and fluid density are the crucial factors for better designs and can be attached vertically.

 So, this was the very basic information that you must know regarding the ball valves. Consider these points while making any purchase and you will find it easier to select an apt ball valve that will suit your requirement.