37o Flare Fittings

Bulkhead Union (37o Flare to 37o Flare)

Tube ODSAE / MS Straight ThreadL1L2A/FDawsons-Tech Part No.
InchMetricUN / UNFmmmmInchInchMetric
3/16-3/8 x 2448.328.25/837BU-3-
1/467/16 x 2052.630.511/1637BU-437BU-6M
5/1681/2 x 2052.630.53/437BU-537BU-8M
3/8109/16 x 1855.432.513/1637BU-637BU-10M
1/2123/4 x 1662.036.6137BU-837BU-12M
5/8167/8 x 1469.640.11-1/837BU-1037BU-16M
3/4181-1/16 x 1278.544.41-3/837BU-1237BU-18M
-201-1/16 x 1278.544.41-3/8-37BU-20M
7/8-1-3/16 x 1279.244.41-1/237BU-14-
1251-5/16 x 1279.844.41-5/837BU-1637BU-25M
  Dimensions are for reference only and are subject to change.