DAWSONS-TECH most cost effective Needle Valve Series : NV107A (Angle Pattern) is designed very carefully with Live Loaded PTFE Packing to provide repeated leak tight seal between Stem and Bonnet of the Valve and also compensate for wear & Pressure / Temperature fluctuations during its operations.
Features / Benefits :
  • Compact and rugged design.
  • Bar Stock Body in straight and angle pattern.
  • Low operating torque.
  • Anti blow-out stem.
  • Flow coefficient (Cv) from 0.25 to 0.73.
  • Orifice Size : 4.3mm and 6.3mm.
  • Available in material SS316, all wetted parts in accordance with NACE MR01-75.
  • Available with Male, Female NPT, BSP, BSPT Pipe Thread, Socket Weld and Tube O.D. end connections.
  • Available with self centering non-rotating stem tip.
  • Every Valve is Factory tested.
Product Range & Operating Parameters :
  • Pressure Rating :
    • UPTO 6000 PSIG (408 Bar at CWP).
    • Pressure UPTO 10,000 PSIG (680 Bar) are available on request.
  • Temperature Rating :
    • : -54° C to 232° C with PTFE Packing.
    • : -96° C to 426° C with Graphite Packing.
Applications :
  • General Plant Services
  • Hydraulic & Pneumatic
  • Instrumentation Isolation,
  • Pressure Measurement Devices
  • Venting

Material of Constructions :
Sr. No.Part DescriptionMaterial
3Valve StemSS316
4Lock NutSS316
5Belleville WasherStainless Steel
6Upper GlandSS316
7PackingPTFE / Graphite
8Lower GlandSS316
9Panel NutSS316
10Valve BodySS316

Technical Data :
The temperature and pressure rating for a standard Valve with PTFE packing.
-54OC to 38OC6000413
-54OC to 93OC5160351
-54OC to 148OC4660317
-54OC to 204OC4280291
-54OC to 232OC4130289
Testing :
  • Standard Test : Each Valve is pressure tested with Nitrogen at 2000 PSIG (138 Bar) for leakage at the seat and packing.
  • Optional Hydrostatic Test : This test is performed with De-ionized water at 1.5 times the working pressure.
Certification :
 The certificate to 3.1 acc. to EN10204 for Valves Body Material and pressure test will be provided on request.

Standard Configuration Dimensions :
End ConnectionFlow DataDimensions in mmDawsons-TechPart No.
TypeSize - AOrifice(mm)CvBEFA/F
Tube OD to Tube OD1/4"4.30.3729.543.054.022.20NV107A-TT4
Female to Female NPT1/4"4.30.3725.443.054.022.20NV107A-FF4N
Male to Female NPT1/4"4.30.3725.443.054.022.20NV107A-MF4N
Male NPT to Tube OD1/4"4.30.3728.743.054.022.20NV107A-M4N-T4
 Dimensions are for reference only and are subject to change.