High Pressure Ball Valve Series : VB91

DAWSONS-TECH Ball Valves Series : VB91 offer high pressure rating UPTO 6000 PSIG (413 Bar). The design of this Ball Valve is having Live Loaded PEEK Seat, which provides repeated leak tight shut-off and also compensate for wear & pressure / Temperature changes during its operations.

These Valves can be used as diverting or selecting Valves for Fluid / Gas utilized in process and Instrumentations.
Features / Benefits :
  • Available in Material SS316, Material traceable to certified Material Test Report.
  • 180° Low Torque Actuation, Panel Mountable.
  • Can be operated manually, Pneumatically and Electrically.
  • Live loaded PEEK Seat, Floating Ball design.
  • Every Valve is pressure tested.
Product Range & Operating Parameters :
  • Pressure Rating : UPTO 6000 PSIG (413 Bar) at CWP with PTFE packing, PEEK Seat and Fluorocarbon 'O' Ring.
  • Temperature Rating : -54° C to 180° C (depending on 'O' Ring Material).
  • End Connections -
    • Fractional : 1/4" to 3/4" Tube OD.
    • Metric : 6mm to 16mm Tube OD.
    • Pipe Threads : 1/4" to 3/4" Male / Female NPT, BSPT & BSP.
Applications :
  • Hydraulic
  • Gas
  • Instrument Air Lines
  • High Pressure Instrument Lines
  • General Plant Service
Type Test Approvals :
The design of DAWSONS-TECH Ball Valves Series : VB91 have been tested to Hydrostatic Proof & Burst Test in accordance to MSS SP-99-2016a Clause 5.5 & 5.6.

Testing :
  • Standard Test - Each Valve is pressure tested with Nitrogen at 1000 PSIG (69 Bar) for leakage at the seat and packing.
  • Optional Hydrostatic Test - This Test is performed with De-ionized water at 1.5 times the working pressure.
    Certification :
    The Certificate to 3.1 acc. to EN10204 for Valves body material and pressure test will be provided on request.

    Material of Constructions :
    Sr. No.Part DescriptionMaterial
    2Handle Set ScrewSS316
    4Packing NutSS316
    5Panel NutSS316
    6Stem BearingPEEK
    7Seal RetainerSS316
    8‘O’ RingFluorocarbon
    9Back-up RingPTFE
    10Stem WasherSS316
    11End ConnectorSS316
    12Connector ‘O’ RingFluorocarbon
    13Belleville WashersStainless Steel
    14Valve BodySS316
    15Floating BallSS316
    16Valve SeatPEEK
    17‘O’ RingFluorocarbon
    18Back-up RingPTFE
    19Seat SupportSS316

    Standard Configuration Dimensions :
    End ConnectionFlow DataDimensions in mmDawsons-Tech Part No.
    TypeSize - AOrifice (mm)CvBCDEFGHI
    Female NPT1/4"5.00.8741.
    Male NPT1/4"5.00.8743.343.346.715.238.938.119.66.4VB91-MMM4N
    Fractional Tube Fitting1/4"4.70.7045.745.749.515.238.938.119.66.4VB91-TTT4
    Metric Tube Fitting6mm4.70.7045.745.749.515.238.938.119.66.4VB91-TTT6M
    Metal Gasket Face Seal1/4"4.60.6841.041.035.815.238.938.119.66.4VB91-GFS4
    ‘O’ Ring Face Seal1/4"4.80.7047.
      Dimensions are for reference only and are subject to change.