Swivel Male Connector (Male Metric Thread 'EO' to Swivel Nut)

Tube ODMale MetricParallel ThreadSAE / MSStraight ThreadLA/F-1A/F-2Dawsons-TechPart No.
InchMetricPUN / UNFmmInchInchInchMetric
1/46M10 x 17/16 x 2029.79/169/1637SMC-4-M10EO37SMC-6M-M10EO
5/168M12 x 1.51/2 x 2036.611/165/837SMC-5-M12EO37SMC-8M-M12EO
3/810M14 x 1.59/16 x 1838.215/1611/1637SMC-6-M14EO37SMC-10M-M14EO
1/212M16 x 1.53/4 x 1642.37/87/837SMC-8-M16EO37SMC-12M-M16EO
5/814M22 x 1.57/8 x 1448.61-1/16137SMC-10-M22EO37SMC-14M-M22EO
-15M22 x 1.57/8 x 1448.61-1/161-37SMC-15M-M22EO
-16M22 x 1.57/8 x 1448.61-1/161-37SMC-16M-M22EO
3/418M27 x 21-1/16 x 1251.71-1/41-1/437SMC-12-M27EO37SMC-18M-M27EO
-20M27 x 21-1/16 x 1251.71-1/41-1/4-37SMC-20M-M27EO
125M33 x 21-5/16 x 1259.01-5/81-1/237SMC-16-M33EO37SMC-25M-M33EO
 Dimensions are for reference only and are subject to change.