DAWSONS-TECH Compact Gauge Syphon is designed and manufactured to be used instead of the Coil Syphon for vertical installations which protects the pressure Gauge from the effect of hot pressure media such as Steam and also reduce the effect of rapid pressure surges. Available in SS316 Material.

Pressure Rating : UPTO 6000 PSIG (413 Bar)

End ConnectionDimensions in mmDawsons-TechPart No.
1/4" BSP (Male)1/4" BSP (Swivel Nut)
1/2" BSP (Male)1/2" BSP (Swivel Nut)
1/4" NPT (Male)1/4" NPT (Female)80.019.0-CGS-4N
1/2" NPT (Male)1/2" NPT (Female)110.027.0-CGS-4N
Dimensions are for reference only and are subject to change.