(Heavy Series)
ISO 12151-2 (ISO 8434-1)
Metric Female 24o ‘O’ Ring to Hose Connections

6 SM 14x1.51/4"       06424.552.522.5174x1.5HKOS-6S-4H
8 SM 16x1.53/16”     05329.551.525.5196x1.5HKOS-8S-3H
8 SM 16x1.51/4"       06429.557.526196x1.5HKOS-8S-4H
10 SM 18x1.51/4"       064305827227.5x1.5HKOS-10S-4H
10 SM 18x1.55/16”     085.529.557.527.5227.5x1.5HKOS-10S-5H
10 SM 18x1.53/8”       10726.55624.5227.5x1.5HKOS-10S-6H
12 SM 20x1.51/4"       06429.55827.5249x1.5HKOS-12S-4H
12 SM 20x1.55/16”     085.5305827249x1.5HKOS-12S-5H
12 SM 20x1.53/8”       1073059.527249x1.5HKOS-12S-6H
12 SM 20x1.51/2"       129.527.55725.5249x1.5HKOS-12S-8H
14 SM 22x1.53/8”       10735.56530.52710x2HKOS-14S-6H
14 SM 22x1.51/2"       129.530.560262710x2HKOS-14S-8H
16 SM 24x1.51/2"       129.536.56631.53012x2HKOS-16S-8H
20 SM 30x25/8”       1612.54276373616x2.5HKOS-20S-10H
20 SM 30x23/4"       19154483393616x2.5HKOS-20S-12H
25 SM 36x23/4"       191548.587.5424620x2.5HKOS-25S-12H
25 SM 36x21"          2519.541.588.5354620x2.5HKOS-25S-16H
30 SM 42x21"          2519.55299455025x2.5HKOS-30S-16H
38 SM 52x21-1/4"    312660114.5506033x2.5HKOS-30S-20H
Dimensions are for reference only and subject to change without notice.