DAWSONS-TECH High Purity Weld Fittings are for Orbital Welding and suitable for Clean Hazardous Gases and Vacuum Systems.
Features / Benefits :
  • Available in Two Welding Shapes, i.e. TBW (Tube Butt Weld) and ATW (Automatic Tube Butt Weld).
  • TBW is machined for optimal Butt Welding by Automatic TIG Welder.
  • Pressure Rating calculated in accordance with ASME Code for pressure Piping B31.1.
  • Standard surface finish in internal diameter is average Ra 0.25 µm (Ra 10 µ in).
  • Precision cleaning is done by Ultra-sonic cleaning process.
  • Packed in Polyethylene bags pressurized with High Purity Nitrogen Gas.
  • Available in Material SS316L.

Operating Parameters :
  • Pressure Rating : UPTO 6000 PSIG (408 BAR)
  • Temperature Rating : UPTO 537o C
  • Available Size : 1/4" to 1” Tube OD Connections
Applications :
  • Gas delivery system
  • Instrumentation in Semiconductor Industries.