Compact Fit - Tube Butt Weld Fittings

Reducing Union<br />---

Reducing Union

90<sup>o</sup> Union Elbow

90o Union Elbow

90<sup>o</sup> Reducing Union Elbow

90o Reducing Union Elbow

Union Tee<br />---

Union Tee

Reducing Union Tee<br />---

Reducing Union Tee

Union Cross<br />---

Union Cross

DAWSONS-TECH is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Consistent and Reliable World Class Quality High Purity Compact Fit Tube Butt Weld Fittings like Reducing Union, 90 Deg. Union Elbow, 90 Deg. Reducing Union Elbow, 90 Deg. Extended Leg Union Elbow, Union Tee, Extended Leg Branch Union Tee, Extended Leg Run Union Tee, Reducing Union Tee and Union Cross are suitable for clean hazardous Gases and Vacuum systems and are mainly used in Gas Delivery Systems, Instrumentation in Semiconductor Industries, etc. The Pressure Rating is calculated in accordance with ASME Code for pressure Piping B31.1. Standard surface finish in internal diameter is average Ra 0.25 µm (Ra 10 µ in). Tube Butt Weld Fittings are machined for optimal Butt Welding by Automatic TIG Welder. Precision cleaning is done by Ultra-Sonic cleaning process and packed in Polyethylene bags and Vacuumized with High Purity Nitrogen Gas to ensure compliance with product cleanliness requirements as specified in ASTM G93 Level C.